Can freakshow start already? I’m so excited for this season.

Anonymous said:
what one guy would you love to fuck the most?

jason momoa like penetrate all of my orifices already.

Anonymous said:
why would even tell us about that its so inappropriate and unnecessary

so was your birth 

I have felt ill all day but that didn’t stop me sucking dick 


chocolateopals replied to your post:Omg is there a video? Or pics? How do u know omg

how did you feel about the show? personally, i thought it was personal to mrs. prada herself. the scenery was so surreal.

I was to busy freaking out about gemma being back so i’ll have to look at the collection properly later on

Anonymous said:
Omg is there a video? Or pics? How do u know omg

Anonymous said:
Is really Gemma back? what will she do?

She just opened prada

Gemma Ward has returned